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Elanur Dinc

Ella WP - Design & Devlopment

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Hello, I’m Ella. I am your all-in-one design & WordPress expert. From custom design to WordPress development and custom plugins, I’m here for you.

I specialize in crafting unique WordPress websites that prioritize user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal, all while adopting a thoughtful, user-centric strategy.

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I adapt easily to your needs, enable efficient workflows and offer reliable, precise and high-quality work. I can also easily take on entire projects independently.

What I can do for you

Taking a holistic approach, I handle everything from brand identities to full-scale applications.

I create custom Webdesigns, that express brands in amemorable and compelling way. My goal is to deliver timeless designs, influenced by current trends

Pixel by pixel implementation of designs from Figma, Sketch, Adobe on WordPress, custom coding and custom plugins. 

I can support you with work in the areas of branding, social media templates, wireframes & prototypes and more.


A little insight into my favorite projects

about me

For more than 10 years, I have been crafting impressive websites with dedication and creativity.

In this time, I not only founded my own agency and continued to work as an Art Director in this agency following a merger. Now, I operate as a freelancer and have perfected my skills in WordPress Development during this period.

With over 100 successfully completed web projects and prestigious clients such as the Fraunhofer Institute, Performics, the Federal Ministry, BMG, Rödl & Partner, and Transgourmet, I have continuously expanded my expertise.

What services do you offer?
Which languages ​​do you speak?

As a person born and studied in Germany, I speak German, Turkish and English fluently. 

How does the design process work?

Before we start the project, there is typically an initial kickoff meeting. Depending on the nature of the project, this may be accompanied by a brainstorming session and/or the creation of a mood board. The design journey varies from project to project. For custom-designed websites, my process invariably commences with prototyping through Figma or Sketch. A substantial portion of the project timeline is dedicated to this phase, given that the entire website is meticulously crafted using these sophisticated tools. This crucial stage is where customer engagement is at its peak. It’s only after the prototype attains its final form that we embark on the pixel-perfect implementation on WordPress. 

What is your pricing structure?

I operate on an agreed hourly rate, which varies depending on the complexity of the project and typically ranges between $60 and $90 per hour. I meticulously track all hours using a transparent tool, down to the second, ensuring accuracy in invoicing. This meticulous tracking reflects in the billing accordingly. Feel free to reach out to me. Once I have more details about the project, I can provide you with an exact hourly rate.

Can you redesign an existing website?

Absolutely. That certainly falls within my passions – enhancing and optimizing existing elements.

Do you work alone or do you have employees?

I work independently, but I can also assemble a project team. Depending on the size or time constraints of a project, I have the capability to bring a team together and collaborate on the project. The team members are carefully selected, all highly qualified individuals with whom I have been working for years, and I would, of course, introduce them to you in such a case. 

I also have a network of designers, developers, AI specialists, and marketing experts whom I can involve in the project for the realization of complex web applications, app projects, AI applications, and software projects. 

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If you're in search of an experienced Art Director and web designer who can take your digital presence to the next level, I'm at your service. Together, we can bring your visions to life. 

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